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General Info:


For each major event put on by CPAC, a committee of members is chosen to help a board member run it. There is a committee for Open House, Day in the Park, Spring Banquet, Fall Symposium, OCOB Olympics, and Careers in Accounting Day. Applications are sent out many weeks prior to the event. It is an honor and a large responsibility to be a part of a committee! Committee involvement is a great way to give back to CPAC (looks great if interested in running for the board), network with firms, and create relationships with other student and faculty.




The committees range from 4-6 students. Each student is assigned a role and is responsible for a specific task or related subjects. It is a lot of work, ranging anywhere from 10-50 total hours depending on which committee and which position, but every student finishes with great connections, friends, and a feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing like seeing your hard work for an event pay off!


Day in the Park and Pre-Careers in Accounting Day are geared towards underclassmen as a way to get involved with CPAC and have less of a time commitment.

Spring Banquet, Fall Symposium, and Careers in Accounting Day all have a 50+ hour time commitment spread over 12 weeks.




Other than Open House, the typical roles are:



 -Oversee the other members of the committee

 -Works closely with VP Events and CPAC Advisor

 -Maintains the event budget

 -Create weekly agendas, run meetings, take meeting notes


Firm Relations

 -Compose emails to be sent out to firms

 -Responsible for maintaining contact with all of the recruiters and professionals and students

 -Acts as a liaison for the event


Venue & Logistics 

 -Responsible for coordinating event logistics

 -Maintain contact with campus regarding venue and supplies for the event

 -Catering, Parking, ASI, Facilities



 -Branding of event

 -Graphics alongside Director of Publicity

 -Classroom visits

 -Tabling/breezeway boothing


How To Apply:


 It is mandatory that you attend an information session if you are interested in participating as part of the committee.

To be considered, you must be a paid CPAC member and have fill out the application. 


Contact with any questions.


You MUST be a member and turn in an application to be considered for Board and any Committee positions. 




There are no current committee positions open. Stay updated on our instagram or newsletter for further updates!




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