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Cal Poly Recruiting Guidelines

Cal Poly Accounting Recruiting Guidelines (Academic Year 2018-2019)


I. General Items

  1. Submit Fall Recruiting job descriptions to Melinda McCann at 805-756-2107 ASAP, but no later than 8/31/2018.

  2. Firms must use our Handshake system for student applications. Firm-specific applications are discouraged.

  3. Extension of an offer in the document means any written, verbal or implied offers.

  4. There is a "Quiet Period" in effect starting at the Fall Symposium Career Fair (September 28, 2018) until Friday October 19, 2018 at noon. During the Quiet Period no offers may be extended and no invitations for second round interviews or office visits may be given.


II. Offer Expiration Dates

(Regardless of rules below, firms are strongly encouraged to keep offers open as long as possible to benefit all parties.)

  1. During Fall Recruiting:

    1. For any student who did not complete an SLP or internship at the specific firm over the summer- offers must remain open until November 16, 2018.

    2. For students completing an SLP with a firm - the firm must wait until August 13, 2018 to extend an offer (internship or full-time). The offer must remain open at least until September 21, 2018.

    3. For students completing a firm's internship- full-time offers must remain open at least 2 weeks from offer date.

  2. For offers presented from January to June—they must remain open at least 4 weeks from offer date.


III. Recruiting Events

The following are a few of the key guidelines firms must comply with to recruit at Cal Poly.  Only the University has the right to make any exceptions to these policies for any reason deemed necessary. In every instance, we hope firms agree that a student’s number one priority is to perform well in their classes. They are only able to do this if they can focus on school, attend classes, minimize the stress and anxiety that comes with recruiting, and have time to study.


Firms should minimize the number of events, socials, dinners, etc. that could conflict with classes and study time.  We plead with firms to organize events, interviews, socials, etc. on Fridays when most students don’t have class or on the weekends. We are all in this together to see the students succeed now and in the future.


  1. Firms can hold 1 pre-interview social the night before interviews for students pre-selected for interviews.

  2. Firms may invite any student to a social before and/or after their campus visit when they are presenting at their assigned CPAC meeting.

  3. The number of Firm Professionals at Fall Symposium, Careers in Accounting Day, and Spring Banquet shall not exceed 10 representatives.

  4. Only students who have accepted an internship or full-time offer may attend firm events/socials, etc. around the time of Large CPAC Events (i.e. Fall Symposium, Careers in Accounting Day, CPAC Olympics, or Spring Banquet).  

  5. Only students who have accepted a full-time offer may represent the firm at Fall Symposium or Careers in Accounting Day and the number will be limited by each event’s planning committee.

  6. No students, regardless of if they signed a full-time offer or not, can market firm-sponsored events (either verbally or electronically) through CPAC, Accounting Area, or other entities within Cal Poly.

  7. All events, social or educational, whether during the school year or summer, must be coordinated through the CPAC VP of Firm Relations (and the Executive Director of Accounting Excellence must be notified as well).


  1. Violations of Terms

The Cal Poly Accounting Area may enforce these rules as necessary. Each violation will be considered on an individual basis. Violation of these rules may include, and are not limited to, the following: Exclusion from future events, exclusion from speaking at future Cal Poly Accounting Club (CPAC) meetings, exclusion from hosting on-campus events, and/or exclusion from interviewing students on campus.

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