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CPAC History


February 1977

  • Board members: Jim Fitzsimmons (President) 

  • CPAC offers free income tax aid for "good samaritan" work 


May 1977

  • CPAC meets Tuesdays in room 02-214 at 11 am 

  • They watch an accounting film together on May 20th

  • VITA dorm manager: John Probandt




  • CPAC is featured in the El Rodeo yearbook

  • Members featured in the yearbook include: L. Alexander, A. Allen, A. Cash, T. Gilman, T. Fallati, C. Freitas, J. Haggbloom, L. Haven, N. Hilker, G. Honegger, J, Horn, J. Johnson, R. Larson, D. Mich, R. Pearson, K. Taylor, B. Waitte, W. Tyson, M. Uptain


February 1979

  • 8th year of VITA 


March 1979

  • VITA continues until April helping the SLO community




  • CPAC is featured in the El Rodeo yearbook

  • Members featured include: Stephen Ando, Jeffery Andrews, Diane Coleman, Janet Fowler, Mary Harlin, Stanley Jagoda, Kasa Kjellman, David Manson, Richard Marksberry, Terry J. Sharp, Lynda K. Snodgrass, George Whiting, Bridget Wolfe, 

  • Board members include: Patricia R. Pipkin (Secretary) 


January 1980

  • Bullock's Wilshire fashion store recruits from Cal Poly

  • Features Craig Cooper, Cal Poly Graduate, at its meeting. He speaks about "starting a small business" on Tuesday  January 29th in room 03-203 


March 1980

  • VITA helps students with federal and state income tax forms




April 1981

  • Cal Poly faces the issues of: lack of funding, hiring faculty, faculty research programs, and the "learn by doing" motto




January 1987

  • CPAC continues to give back to the community by helping make the 1986 Holiday sharing drive a "tremendous success"


March 1987

  • On 3/3 spoke about the 1986 Tax Reform and how it affected college students


May 1987

  • ASI Tutoring center funds are cut. However CPAC continues to offer tutoring services to Business students.


October 1987 

  • Meetings continue on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the Business building room 214

  • Speaker John Vandueren Peat Marwick, KPMG Tax specialist, comes to CPAC

  • Accounting Professor David Nutter speaks about a London study abroad program for Liberal Art and Business majors. he explains how "the top international accounting firms started in England including PriceWaterhouse. He hopes that the program will lead to job recruitment for Cal Poly students.

  • Price Waterhouse comes to speak at a weekly meeting




January 1988

  • CPAC begins weekly advertisements in the Mustang Daily Newspaper 


February 1988

  • San Jose office tour on February 26 at Arthur Young

  • Networked with Dick Van Kirk, Director of Arthur Young’s West Regional Consulting Practice and Vice President—Technology of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 

  • Acounting panel at MBA discussion titled “ Business in the 1990s: Planning for the Individual and the Corporation”


March 1988

  • Arthur Young holds a "Go for the Gold" office visit



  • The CIA is recruiting for accountants 


November 1988

  • Accounting Career seminar on 11/14. Speakers from industry, government and public accounting firms come. 

  • CPAC continues to meet on Tuesdays in room 02-214 at 11 am




January 1989

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am 


February 1989

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am 


September 1989

  • $30,000 starting salary for auditors and a bonus for being a CPA

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am to talk about the Accounting profession




January 1990

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am to welcome new members into the new year


February 1990

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am 


April 1990

  • CPAC meets at 02-214 on Tuesdays at 11am 

  • Ernst & Young recruits Cal Poly students for the San Jose office. They were interested in sophomores and juniors




September 2000

  • CPAC hosts Fall Symposium 

  • CPAC has a social to go bowling with firms

  • Ernst & Young is interested in graduating seniors who are considering careers in our Assurance & Advisory Business Services (AABS), Tax Consulting, Tax Compliance, Information Systems Assurances Advisory Services (ISAAS), and Internal Audit Services (IAS) practices as full-time staff. 

  • Ernst & Young uses this image to attract accounting majors



























January 2001

  • The college was named for Kinko’s founder Paul J, Orfalea on January 24, 2001 after he donated $15 million to the College of Business




January 2002

  • OCOB proposes a fee increase of $200 per Business student per quarter in order increase the quality of faculty, availability of classes and academic advising

  • There were approximately 2,400 business students

  • CPAC was included in a forum about the proposal

  • According to the estimated budget provided by OCOB, the college expects to break even in the 2001-02 school year with total revenues and expenses ot $8,250,000.

  • Associate Dean of OCOB: Douglas Cerf




June 2003

  • ASI gave $65,000 to Cal Poly clubs during the 2002-03 academic year which included CPAC




April 2006

  • OCOB is recognized for its "small class sizes, the technically advanced teaching faculty and hands-on experience offered through Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” philosophy."

  • CPAC participated in the 13th annual Open House

































  • CPAC is voted Club of the Year




  • CPAC is voted Cal Poly ASI Club of the Year

  • Voted OCOB Leaders in Innovation




  • Voted Poly Picks Academic Club of the Year





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