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Dual Concentration

First: Make Sure You are Eligible
  • You must have less than 150 units prove that you will be able to graduate in four years based on the Four Year Plan you submit.

    • Transfer students are not accepted into the program because it is very difficult to complete all upper division requirements and the second concentration within two years.

  • One of the concentrations must be Accounting.

  • Your Cal Poly GPA must be a 3.0 or higher.

Second: Make the 4 Year Plan
  • Use the “4-Year Plan” link on the website to download a 4 Year Plan Template. Fill it out with all your remaining requirements to prove that you can graduate within four years (use Degree Progress Report).

    • Please consider prerequisites and potential course offerings (which can be found on the catalog).


Third: Apply

  • During Your Waiting Period

    • Peer Advisors will review your 4 Year Plan and ensure that you will be able to graduate on time.

    • You will then receive an email stating whether or not you are eligible to double concentrate.


  • If Accepted

    • Set up an appointment in Student Services within 2 months of receiving the acceptance to go over all of the disclaimers and get any questions answered.


  • If Denied

    • You will be told why in the email.

    • If still passionate about both sets of curriculum, go into Student Services and speak with someone about ways to become eligible or other options that may align with your career goals.


  • For accounting and finance double concentrations, you can count your BUS 320 course for both Accounting and your Finance “Accounting/Economics Elective”.

  • Start planning early! Plan the courses you want to take during your college experience so you are able to ensure that you will be able to  have enough time to complete both concentrations.

  • If you are already declared you are still able to double concentrate. You must declare your second concentration (whether that is accounting or any other concentration because you are declared accounting) before the end of your junior year.

  • If you have any other questions reach out to Student Services at (805)756-2601,, or stop by! They are located in the Business Building (3) Room 100 - between the stairs and elevator.

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