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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member and who do I turn my membership form into?

Sign up and pay dues online on our Membership Page.


I paid my membership dues for the entire year (3 quarters) but have not received a club shirt. Who should I contact?

Please contact our Director of Publicity at or speak to them at a meeting.


I am a member but I do not receive the weekly emails. Who should I contact?

Fill out the below form to sign up for the mailing list. 




















I have some issues regarding the roster (i.e. I attended the meeting but did not get a chance to sign in or, my name or email is spelled wrong).  Who should I contact?

Please notify our secretary at Please be advised, you must be a member in order to be on the roster. Signing the roster is not needed if your name is not listed.


What are All-Star points and how do I earn them?

All-Star points are a way to recognize CPAC’s most active members on a quarterly basis. They are earned by attending any event put on by CPAC. At the end of each quarter, the list of All-Star members is sent to the firms who recruit out of Cal Poly. The top 5 point earners are the All-Stars for the following quarter. Please advise, you must be a member in order to earn All-Star points. See All-Star Page for more information.


I don’t know how many All-Star points I have earned this quarter. Who should I contact?

Please contact our secretary at


Where can I find information on the new California CPA unit requirements?

A good resource for this information can be found on the California Board of Accountancy website. If you have specific questions call them at one of the numbers found here. Everyone is very nice and helpful!

What is an unofficial transcript?

An unofficial transcript is provided by the university for informational purposes only. Most firms will request an unofficial transcript to accompany your application.

Access your Unofficial Transcripts through your portal and the “Academics” tab. You will find your Poly Profile under “General Degree Resources” in the“Degree Information” channel. You can print your PolyProfile to use as an Unofficial Transcript.

Who should I contact?



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