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Career Readiness Center - DEI Opportunities

DEI Opportunities List Overview

The Career Readiness Center is excited to announce the launch of a valuable new resource—the DEI Opportunities List. This comprehensive list compiles a range of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) related career opportunities, specifically curated for OCOB students. These programs provide accessible pathways to companies that may not traditionally recruit from Cal Poly, with a focus on reaching underclassmen from historically underrepresented identities.

The DEI Opportunities List serves as a centralized hub for Cal Poly students to discover introductory career opportunities efficiently. Designed for quick and easy access, these programs offer outstanding career prospects and mentorship opportunities that many Cal Poly students may not be aware of. The more students that are aware of this resource, and the opportunities included, the more we are able to close internship and job placement gaps by background, consistent with the goals outlined in the OCOB DEI Action Plan.

Expectations For Club Leaders

The goal of this resource is to create a two-way resource between the Career Readiness Center, and OCOB’s clubs. As relevant opportunities arise, we will reach out to clubs, and expect club leaders to notify us of opportunities as they become aware of them.

Ways to Help

1. Share the resource! (during meetings, club newsletters, referrals, etc)

3. Submit Feedback (when noticing an error, etc)

4. Remain consistent with opportunities list branding, when marketing

● Use Filters!

○ Year in school, program type, industry

● Read the descriptions to determine eligibility

● Click through the application link to get more updated, and specific application

information (if any conflicting information is found, submit the feedback form!)

● Find alumni champions of different programs on LinkedIn

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