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Transfer Resources

Advice for 1st Quarter Transfer Students

  • Only take 12 units, because the first quarter is overwhelming and you are adjusting to a new environment

    • Take two hard classes and one easy class

  • Enrollment Advice

    • BUS 319 Accounting Information Systems

      • Take this as soon as you can because it is a prerequisite to the rest of the concentration if you want to graduate in two year

    • STAT 252

      • Try to take within the first two quarters because it is a requirement for many of the upper division Business classes

  • If you are set on the accounting concentration, you should focus on Fall Symposium because it is usually in the first couple of weeks of fall quarter

    • Good opportunity to expose yourself to a summer internship program, which can lead to the start of your future career

    • Be sure to have your resumes and business professional prepared first week of school

    • A good resource for preparing your resume is Alexis Melville

  • CPAC Buddy Program

    • Get paired up with a current CPAC member as a resource for guidance

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