All-Star Status

What is an All-Star?


CPAC is open to any student at Cal Poly. Students pay their dues and can include on their resume that they are a member of the club. In order to differentiate those members who are active participants, CPAC has created an incentive program known as the “All-Star” Program. We award Top All-Star recognition, each quarter, to the members with the most points. Members are able to receive points in the following ways:


  • Attendance - 1 point per meeting

  • Tutoring - up to 4 points (depending on involvement)

  • Committee Members - up to 10 points (depending on involvement)

  • Volunteering - 1 point per hour

  • Attending Socials - 1 point per social

  • Buddy Program Mentors - 2 points

  • Intramural games - 1 point per game

  • Large CPAC Events - 3 points per event


Top All-Star Point-Earners will be the All-Stars for the next quarter!


Perks of All-Star Status:


  • Appeal to firms: Before CPAC recruiting events, firms are given lists of paying members and which members are All-Stars. Firms understand what being an All-Star means and recognize their dedication to CPAC.

  • CPAC Scholarships: All-Star points are taken into consideration when applying for scholarships.

  • Committee involvement: VP of Events looks at All-Star points when choosing which students will be on event committees.

  • Corporate Tours: All-Star members have the opportunity to attend CPAC tours of big name corporations like Google!