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Thank you for attending our virtual 2021 Careers in Accounting Day!



Date: Friday, February 5, 2020

Time: 9:00AM-1:00PM

Location: Brazen - online platform

Focus: Underclassmen, Summer Leadership Programs, Conferences, and Internships



  • Registration & payment will be done through Eventbrite 

  • When paying on Eventbrite, please use your recruiter’s email address (or whomever is tasked with planning this event at your firm) 

  • Once your firm pays, please allow up to three business days for our logistics team to send your firm an email inviting you to create your booth within Brazen 

  • Please register and pay on Eventbrite by JANUARY 22, 2021 so we can ensure your booth is created and finished before the event





  • Each chat with a student will begin as a text based chat and you as the professional will have the ability to invite the student to a video chat (built within Brazen, no external preparation necessary).

  • The chats are automatically set to last 10 MINUTES in order to reduce virtual queues. . However, you will have the ability to extend the time by a few minutes if you’d like to continue a conversation for a bit longer.

  • We’ve enabled a feature within Brazen that allows you to email specific students and invite them to chat with you on the day of the event. 


FOR PROFESSIONALS: Representative Training/Resources: Anyone who will be chatting with students at CIAD should prepare by using the resources linked below.

FOR RECRUITERS: Booth Owner Resources: We strongly encourage recruiters (or whoever is tasked with running your firm’s booth) to attend a brief training and to review the materials in the Brazen Help Center. 


MORE QUESTIONS? Support Resources

  • Brazen Help Center - support articles for all things Brazen. If you have a question, it will usually be answered here.

  • Brazen Service Check- use this link to check if everything within your computer/browser is compatible with Brazen

  • Submit a request to Brazen Support

  • Admins, reps, & booth owners currently have access to the Live Chat Support seen in the bottom left-hand corner of your Brazen account. Use this feature if you have technical questions.

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