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Executive Boards


2021 - 2022 CPAC Executive Board

President- Megan Van Ruler, Vice President of Events- Sydney Cook, Vice President of Firm Relations- Matthew Bianchi, Vice President of Finance- Hunter Smith, Secretary- Megan Perry, Director of Community, Diversity, and Inclusion- Katherine Phan, Director of Publicity- Linnea Thurnheer, Director of Social Activities- Paris Askren, Director of Lower-Class Professional Development- Annelise Long, Director of Upper-Class Professional Development- Annie Ritcey

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2020 - 2021 CPAC Executive Board

President- Luke Dubois, Vice President of Events- Michelle Henderson, Vice President of Firm Relations- Chris Marchant, Vice President of Finance- Eric Chen, Secretary- Tanya Tkacheva, Director of Community, Diversity, and Inclusion- Xander Nichols, Director of Publicity- Jane Carr, Director of Social Activities- Stephen Muzi, Director of Lower-Class Professional Development- Angela Chen, Director of Upper-Class Professional Development- Rob Delgado

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2019 - 2020 CPAC Executive Board

President- Max Frenkel, Vice President of Events- Courtney Law, Vice President of Firm Relations- Kolson Frame, Vice President of Finance-Courtney Andes-McCullough, Secretary- Gracie Briggs, Director of Community Relations- Darcy Danelian, Director of Publicity- Millad Shokraee, Director of Social Activities- Cade Maclean, Director of Lower-Class Professional Development- Lilly Kane-Dacri, Director of Upper-Class Professional Development- Mia Ching

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2018 - 2019 CPAC Executive Board

President- Kshitij Mehta, Vice President of Events- Taylor Woo, Vice President of Firm Relations- Thomas Barton, Vice President of Finance- Courtney Law, Secretary- Chloe Nessen, Director of Community Relations- Jesse Chan, Director of Publicity- Dylan Hyunh, Director of Social Activities- Duncan Barnard, Director of Lower-Class Professional Development-Maxim Frenkel, Director of Upper-Class Professional Development-Kelly O'Brien


2017 - 2018 CPAC Executive Board

Thomas Barton (Director of Publicity), Gabrielle Lasker (VP of Firm Relations), Gary Chan (Director of Community Relations), Cori Bynum (Director of Technology), Jun Bang (President), Courtney Benner (Director of Activities), Kshitij Mehta (Director of Lower-Class Professional Development), Maya Rotman (Director of Upper-Class Professional Development), Alice Mayoral (VP of Finance), Lauren Ludlow (VP of Events), Kristina Kong (CalCPA Campus Ambassador), Meghan Boyle (Secretary)

2015-2016 CPAC Board

2015 - 2016 CPAC Executive Board
*Cal Poly ASI, Club of the Year*
*OCOB Leaders in Innovation*

President - Jonathan Peck, VP of Firm Relations - Lauren Kuechle, VP of Events - Romy Winnett, Treasurer - Shu Hua Huang, Secretary - Anthony Mojica, Director of Community Relations - Julia Switzky, Director of Publicity - Tal Osovsky, Director of Activities - Kyle Kintner, Director of Technology - Stephanie Nowlen, CalCPA Representative- Patrick Dillon


2014 - 2015 CPAC Executive Board

President- Amy Wright, Vice President of Professional Events- Esther Ang, Vice President of Firm Relations- Levi Satterhwaite, Treasurer- Alisha McGoldrick, Secretary- Lauren Kuechle, Community Service Director- Lawrence Silva, Publicity Director- Ricardo Soria, Activities Director- Steven Good, Technology Director- Teresa Yip

2013 - 2014 CPAC Executive Board

President- Kyle Vallejo, Vice President of Professional Events- Theresa Gupta, Vice President of Firm Relations- Katelyn Price, Treasurer- Sam Jacques, Secretary- Jon Prince, Community Service Director- Cam Tran, Publicity Director- Chelsea Mallozzi, Activities Director- Duncan Burrows, Technology Director- Shaina Breger

2012 - 2013 CPAC Executive Board

President- Antonio Li, Vice President of Professional Events- David Salm, Vice President of Firm Relations- Elana Popp, Treasurer- Kyle Vallejo, Secretary- Mackenzie Stack, Community Service Director- Grace Luttrell, Publicity Director- Vedrana Brkic, Activities Director- Kiyoshi Smith, Technology Director- Jennifer Schneider

2011 - 2012 CPAC Executive Board
*Club of the Year*

President - Christine Pulford, Vice President of Firm Relations - Lindsey Sutton, Treasurer - Antonio Li, Secretary - Emily Anderson, Director of Community Service - Kate Transon, VP of Events - Elana Popp, Director of Technology - Roger Mustacich, Director of Activities - Ben Lis, Director of Publicity - Evan Kilbourne

2010 - 2011 CPAC Executive Board

*Picture is a combination of 10-11 & 11-12 Exec Boards* 

President- Kyle Pursell From Left to Right

Emily Anderson, Kyle Pursell, Christine Pulford, Jonathan Higgins, X, X, Michelle Bissonnette, X, Antonio Ly, X

2008-2009 CPAC Board

2008 - 2009 CPAC Executive Board

From Left to Right: X, Shane Demello, Jessica Hahn, Ashley Goliti, X, Her Ng, Justin Glass, Sarah Gagnon, Jared Grieser, X

2007-2008 CPAC Board

2007 - 2008 CPAC Executive Board

President- James Huang, Vice President - Chris Boucher, Treasurer- Armin Shahabi, Secretary- Laura Moniz, Community Service Director- Matt Mantani, Advisory Board Rep - Annie Ohlig, Accounting Advisory Board Rep - Stephanie Chin, Business Council Rep - Nicole Khazanedar, Activities Director- Kevin O'Connell, Technology Director- Jay Uhlenhoff

2005 - 2006 CPAC Executive Board

MelanieMarshall (President), Dave Marshall, Danny Allustiarti (Vice President), Joe Callinan, Azusa Tamaki, Adam Steinmetz (treasurer)

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Accounting Class of 1980 (above graduation, below 2010 reunion)

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